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ThemeWizard 701)   ThemeWizard 1.07
The library of components which allows add sking to application.

EMS Quick Localizer 702)   EMS Quick Localizer 1.3
Component suite for adding multilingual support to your Delphi applications.

EMS Quick PDF 703)   EMS Quick PDF 1.1
Creating PDF documents with your applications written on Delphi or C++ Builder.

ClearImage Free SDK 704)   ClearImage Free SDK 2.0
ActiveX reads Code39 Code128 PDF417 and more from document images in VB C++ Delphi

CoolHints2k 705)   CoolHints2k 1.03
CoolHints2k package offers Office2000/XP like dialogs and hint system.

EasyCharts 706)   EasyCharts 2.7.5
EasyCharts - java chart library, applets, and servlets

GameVision SDK 2004 707)   GameVision SDK 2004 1.0.0
GameVision SDK, a 2D rendering API for PC's running Microsoft Windows

Magnetic controls 708)   Magnetic controls 1.6
Magnetic Controls 1.6

Smtp.NET 709)   Smtp.NET 3.0.2
ASP.NET email component with HTML formatting mail merge and message queuing

StimulControls.Net 710)   StimulControls.Net 1.04
StimulControls.Net is a collection of controls for .Net Framework

Subject Search Sleuth 711)   Subject Search Sleuth 1.1
Searches in huge collections of files on PC and LAN; includes API for developers

TVideoGrabber 712)   TVideoGrabber 7.2.4 rev p
VCL component captures streams and frames from video devices. WDM compliant.

Virtual Serial Port Driver 9x 713)   Virtual Serial Port Driver 9x 2.0
Create two virtual serial COM ports in your system

MagForms for .NET 714)   MagForms for .NET 1.5
MagForms is a .NET library which allows .NET WinForms to be magnetized together.

WipeDir 715)   WipeDir 1.0
WipeDir is a utility for developers to ease the creation of uninstall methods.

ZylIdleTimer 716)   ZylIdleTimer 1.1
Idle Timer

Magneto Software System Info Controls Pack 717)   Magneto Software System Info Controls Pack 1.0
vital system information:connections,sessions,resources,processes,statistics

docs2text 718)   docs2text 2.0
standalone docs conversion component, supported formats are doc pdf xls ppt rtf

ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional 719)   ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional 2.0
Linear and 2D barcode images for ASP.NET Mobile Web Applications.

Mobile ImageDraw 720)   Mobile ImageDraw 1.1
Use GDI+ in your ASP.NET Mobile Applications. Generate images dynamically.


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