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StockCalc v1.0 101)   StockCalc v1.0
StockCalc from SynchSoftware is a convenient and easy to use trading calculator.

Home Buyers Calculator Suite 102)   Home Buyers Calculator Suite 2.2.04
Calculate the financial scenarios related to the purchase or sale of real estate

3click Budget 103)   3click Budget 1.1
3click Budget - Your personal Finance Manager. Easy way for tracking your money.

Visual Mortgage Loan Calculator 104)   Visual Mortgage Loan Calculator 1.0
Visual tool for calculating monthly mortgage, loan and more...

myLoanHero 105)   myLoanHero 2.0
5 critical mortgage calculators plus gotta have it insider mortgage tips

NSFinCalculatorsXP 106)   NSFinCalculatorsXP 130
A program aimed at the home user to help solve financial problems with the use of more than 70 types of calculators and advisors

SetupABudget Debt Elimination Software 107)   SetupABudget Debt Elimination Software 2.1
Learn how to eliminate your debt and save thousands of dollars in interest.

Mortgage Site Solution 108)   Mortgage Site Solution 4.0
Mortgage service software solution. It includes financial calculation tools.

MoneyProfesor 109)   MoneyProfesor
MoneyProfesor makes it easy to plan loans, savings and investments.

Credit Card Math 10th Anniversary Edition 110)   Credit Card Math 10th Anniversary Edition 3.0
A free program chock full of advice. Learn how to avoid credit card debt.

CalcuWage 111)   CalcuWage 2.61
CalcuWage is an unobtrusive, fun program that calculates your wage each second.

Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator 112)   Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator 2.0.03
A free financial calculator to help you decide whether to invest or pay off debt

Treasure Manager 113)   Treasure Manager 1.0
Manage easily your finances by tracking expenses and incomes and much more.

Portfolio Performance Monitoring 114)   Portfolio Performance Monitoring 1.0
Monitoring and tracking the performance of a portfolio of financial assets

Autoshare 115)   Autoshare 3.12
The easiest-to-use and cheapest share investment software for the UK.

Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia 71**/62** 116)   Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia 71**/62** 1.9.2
Nokia 71**/62** phonebook, calendar, SMS manager, WAP, profiles, Logo manager

Investment Analysis Software 117)   Investment Analysis Software 10
Easily analyze the performance of any investment to maximize returns.

Home bookkeeping Lite 118)   Home bookkeeping Lite 3
Program which is to keep Your personal money

InferenceTrade V1.5.0 119)   InferenceTrade V1.5.0
Advanced stock market program-trading system development software with many features: **Data downloader--get free historical data for stocks, mutual funds, indices, etc.

HomeLoan Comparison (Win) 120)   HomeLoan Comparison (Win) 1.0.1
Compare home loans / mortgages simultaneously, with tables and graphs

Family Funds Tracker 121)   Family Funds Tracker 2.0
Easy to use income, expense and investment tracking. Print reports and charts.

ShowMeTheStats! 122)   ShowMeTheStats!
ShowMeTheStats! is a tool for currency rates checking and balance checking on your accounts

Family 2006 123)   Family 2006 Home
Family 2006 is the well known technology of saving money.

DownloaderXL 124)   DownloaderXL 5.8.6
Download stock quotes, options, investment portfolio and DDE in Microsoft Excel

Home finance 125)   Home finance 1.2.3en
"Home Finance (professional)"

QuikCalc Amortization Plus! Edition 126)   QuikCalc Amortization Plus! Edition 5.0
Mortgage and loan software includes the powerful Amortization Schedules Plus! feature that allows you to override, skip or add payments as well as a Solve for Missing Number Calculator and Professional Edition's Loan Manager for up to 5 loans

R6 Bill Tracker 127)   R6 Bill Tracker 1.0
Clean and simple bill tracking software.

Home Credit Card Manager (Linux) 128)   Home Credit Card Manager (Linux) 3.0.050611
Use your credit card statements to find out where your money is being spent.

Lighthouse Personal Accounting 129)   Lighthouse Personal Accounting 0.10
This program is designed to make it easy to enter your home accounting activities and record them in a structural manner.

Personal Finance Center 130)   Personal Finance Center 1.0.3
Free Personal Finance Center to manage expenses or checkbook entries

AceMoney for Pocket PC 131)   AceMoney for Pocket PC 1.1.1
Simple and flexible personal accounting software

Stock NeuroMaster 132)   Stock NeuroMaster 1.30
Stock market prediction and buy/sell recommendations based on neural networks

DAXA-Chart Privat 133)   DAXA-Chart Privat 5.67
German freeware charting software for analyzing shares and portfolio management.

MoneyKeeper 2005 - Home Edition 134)   MoneyKeeper 2005 - Home Edition 2.52
Do you want to track all of your income and expenses?

LoanAnalyst (Sony/Ericsson P800/P900) 135)   LoanAnalyst (Sony/Ericsson P800/P900) 1.10
Loan Calculation and analysis software for individual loan seekers and loan pros

TheShareTracker 136)   TheShareTracker 1.01
The Share Tracker is a software program to track your stock market purchases.

M7 Matrix Data Miner 137)   M7 Matrix Data Miner 1.0.145
Matrix-based DataMiner Excel Add-In 32000 row by 255 Cols Forecaster Easy to use

Debt Reduction - Zilch Standard 138)   Debt Reduction - Zilch Standard 4.0
Get yourself out of debt. Very powerful. Easy to use.

PDAGraphiX 139)   PDAGraphiX 1.1
Great Pocket Excel Graphic Tool

Betting Genius 140)   Betting Genius 3.03
Sports Management and Prediction Software

QwikChek Moneybook 141)   QwikChek Moneybook
A quick and easy to use way to organize your personal or small business finances.

Instant Check 142)   Instant Check 3.0
Receive and create checks by fax, email, or phone

Forex Arbitrage Calculator 143)   Forex Arbitrage Calculator 1.0
Forex Arbitrage Calculator allows to determine risk free arbitrage opportunities

Loan*Calculator! Plus 144)   Loan*Calculator! Plus 2.5C
A free, fast, easy-to-use collection of 7 financial calculators.

J and L Retirement Planner 145)   J and L Retirement Planner 10.0
The top rated J and L Retirement Planner is a retirement planning software program that allows you to create simple or complex retirement scenarios based on financial events through out your life

Interest Strategy Calculator 146)   Interest Strategy Calculator 1
Calculates your Forex strategy. Earn 300%.

StockQuoter 147)   StockQuoter 2.2
Manages your portfolio and downloads intraday and historical stock quotes.

Home Bookkeeping 148)   Home Bookkeeping 4.2.1
Become a savvy spender and protect yourself from debt danger.

Credit Card Dispute Qual. Software 149)   Credit Card Dispute Qual. Software 1.0.0
Free Truth In Lending Software Credit Card Dispute Qualification Checklist

Rebate Genie 150)   Rebate Genie 1.0.5
Keep track of mail-in rebates


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