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Box Man 101)   Box Man 3.02
A fun logic and puzzle board game to memorialize the foundation of MagicSeven.

Bolts&Nuts (Pocket Edition) 102)   Bolts&Nuts (Pocket Edition) 1.00
It's a new look to Bejewelled game. Turn your brain on and play against time!

Mosaic 103)   Mosaic 1.4
Cool and tough game undo the mosaic removing color blocks from the board

Funny Fives 104)   Funny Fives 1.0
Funny Fives is challenging puzzle game for your Pocket PC.

Circuit Weaver 3D 105)   Circuit Weaver 3D 1.0
An original 3D puzzle game, taking place in awesome 3D environments.

aXiebal 2004 106)   aXiebal 2004 1
aXiebal 2004 is a game of skill and puzzles that will give you hours of fun!

5 Star Word Engine 107)   5 Star Word Engine 3.2
Build the longest possible word from a randomly selected set of letters.

2+ Block Buster 108)   2+ Block Buster 1.0
Addictive logical game.Click group of same color blocks to clear them.

2D 3D Puzzle Dreamy Kiss 109)   2D 3D Puzzle Dreamy Kiss 1.0.0.
2D 3D PUZZLE is a fun logic and 3D action puzzle game

Swap 110)   Swap 1.2
Play Swap for a minute or forever. Match the game that fits your personal style.

SpaceMaze2 111)   SpaceMaze2 20040121
Arkanoid, Tetris, PacMan, DiskMan...? All and MORE in SpaceMaze2 !

3D Morris 112)   3D Morris 1.5
Extremely addictive combination of Checkers and Tic Tac Toe - a must have!

Sudoku 113)   Sudoku 1.0
Easy freeware sudoku generator with some small options and 4 levels.

Road Construction 114)   Road Construction 1.0
An inventive and attractive road construction games for players of all ages.

FreePeg 115)   FreePeg 1.0
A modern realization of Peg Solitaire game which was popular in Europe in 1800s

Areal 116)   Areal 2.03.0255
remove as many tiles of the same color as possible with a single click

3D Magic Mahjongg Holidays 117)   3D Magic Mahjongg Holidays 1.50
Ring in the holidays with 3D Magic Mahjongg! Stunning holiday themed 3DGraphics!

Jigsaw Puzzle Lite 118)   Jigsaw Puzzle Lite 1.6.3
Free jigsaw puzzle with lots of puzzles included and ability to make your own.

Collapse all blocks 119)   Collapse all blocks 1
Clean up the desk by clicking on groups of 3 or more stones of the same color.

WISCO Word Power 120)   WISCO Word Power 2.00
Create crossword puzzles and 14 more word games from your vocabulary words.

Chess Commander 121)   Chess Commander 1.20
Next generation chess game

Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 122)   Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 2

Znovusoft WordSearch 123)   Znovusoft WordSearch 2.2
Great tool for keeping your mind in good health

Word Peace 124)   Word Peace 1.0
Word Peace is a hexagonal board game in which you create words from letters.

tPilot Home 125)   tPilot Home 1.00
Program allows you to create tests and quizzes for your friends and family

TetrixMania 126)   TetrixMania 1.09.1
A highly advanced Tetris clone featuring 10 variations of classical brick games.

LineIt 127)   LineIt 1.6
The aim of LineIt is to earn points, as much as you can.

Fitznik 2 128)   Fitznik 2 2.1
Continue the adventures of Fitz with more puzzles, even harder than the original

DWEEBS 2: The New Breed DEMO 129)   DWEEBS 2: The New Breed DEMO V1.0
The all new sequel to the original DWEEBS ! by Mutation Software.

Absolute-Boa-Constrictor-for-Palm-OS 130)   Absolute-Boa-Constrictor-for-Palm-OS 1.10
Rebirth of the Snake: great new arcade game

PROcessu Memory Game POS 131)   PROcessu Memory Game POS 1.6
A concentration style game.

Faces of the Famous Cube for Palm OS 132)   Faces of the Famous Cube for Palm OS 1.0
A new variant of the famous game

Fillers 133)   Fillers 1.65
3D puzzle game

Quaqua 134)   Quaqua 1.01
Brain-busting memory puzzle game with gorgeous 3d graphics.

Moraff Phrase Detective 135)   Moraff Phrase Detective 2.50
Moraff's clever and addicting word-puzzle game.

Jingle Cocktail 136)   Jingle Cocktail 1.2
It's a stylish festive puzzle with a lot of surprises. You'll love it!

Farkle 137)   Farkle
Exciting and fast dice game where you take risks trying to get a high score.

Ask Guru Joe 138)   Ask Guru Joe 1.4a
What do the stars have in store for you? Ask the Guru for answers!

Fifteen 139)   Fifteen 1.0
Fifteen is a logic game for all ages.

Aquacade 140)   Aquacade 1.0.5
Fish for pearls in combo-making adventure deep under the sea.

TooHot Crossword Puzzles Compiler 141)   TooHot Crossword Puzzles Compiler 0.5.0
Create crossword puzzles fully automatically or use databases as dictionary.

Think Hard 142)   Think Hard 1.2
A Logical Puzzle including 16 Levels, Level designer and Sound

Penguin Puzzle 143)   Penguin Puzzle 1.0
Penguin Puzzle is a lovingly crafted puzzle game with a unique look and sound.

LinLink 144)   LinLink 4.0
LinLink - The Most Popular Puzzle & Mahjong Game in China is Available NowIt is great for a short break or hours of fun

Elite Mahjong 145)   Elite Mahjong 1.0
Fresh implementation of classic game! Elite Mahjong is what you need.

ClickPuzzle for PalmOS 146)   ClickPuzzle for PalmOS 1.4
The goal of ClickPuzzle is to clear screen from tiles.

Xmas Bonus 147)   Xmas Bonus 1.0
Fancy an XMAS BONUS? Then download this festive puzzle game!

Royal Sudoku 148)   Royal Sudoku 1.0
A complicated version of sudoku game destined for real kings of puzzles

Shiny marbles 149)   Shiny marbles 1.0
Align shiny marbles to blast them from the board in this addictive puzzle game.

Novel Puzzle 150)   Novel Puzzle 1.6.2
This free game is the classic tile sliding puzzle game which allows you to use your own pictures


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