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000-267 Free Test Exam Questions Free 1)   000-267 Free Test Exam Questions Free 10.0
Pass-Guaranteed.com is the leader in IT Certifications

Adastra FREESTAR 2)   Adastra FREESTAR 4.02
Accessible astronomy with realtime sky, accurate reports, live track, and more..

ADOS 3)   ADOS 1.1.1
ADOS, Program for automatic design analysis and optimization of optical systems

Advanced Protein Sequence Converter 4)   Advanced Protein Sequence Converter 1.0
Converts protein sequence from different format to another one.

Alice Law 5)   Alice Law 5.2
Learn Special Relativity and General Relativity with this program.

AllConcentrations 6)   AllConcentrations
AllConcentrations - software for solution concentrations calculations

AllTrans 7)   AllTrans 2.321
AllTrans can be used for world wide professional coordinate transformations

Arch 8)   Arch 1.01
Simple application drawing M, Q, N diagrams in two-hinged tied arch.

ArchiTech 9)   ArchiTech 4.0
Use this powerful but easy to use program to do an accurate energy audit of your home or business.

AstroGrav (Mac) 10)   AstroGrav (Mac) 1.2.2
A program for studying how objects move and interact under the force of gravity.

AstroGrav (Windows) 11)   AstroGrav (Windows) 1.2.2
A program for studying how objects move and interact under the force of gravity.

Attractive Biorhythms 12)   Attractive Biorhythms 2.50
Advanced biorhythm calculator. Be a winner in any situation!

Audio Multi-Tone Generator 13)   Audio Multi-Tone Generator 4.27
Two-channel Multi-tone audio frequency sinusoidal & noise signal generator

Audio Spectrum Analyzer - OscilloMeter 14)   Audio Spectrum Analyzer - OscilloMeter 5.11
Audio Spectrum Analyzer for Real-time

BATE calculates pH of weak/strong acid/base mixtures and their titration curves

Bersoft Image Measurement 16)   Bersoft Image Measurement 4.03
Measures an analyzes digital images.

BrainStimPro Binaural Generator 17)   BrainStimPro Binaural Generator 4.0
Binaural Brainwave Stimulator 4.0 color strobe 120 Options (BrainStimPro)

C88 18)   C88 1.2
Detailed informations about the celestial sphere objects, visible with naked eye

Calorie Calculator 19)   Calorie Calculator 1.00
One common question asked by dieters is how much the can eat and still lose weight.

CASC calculates recipes for solution preparation and converts concentrations automatically taking density changes into account thanks to built in database of substances

ChemAP 2003 21)   ChemAP 2003 2.0
Best periodic table available windows.

ChemCalcs 22)   ChemCalcs 1.0
Chemistry Question and Answer Environment

ChemDBsoft Academic 23)   ChemDBsoft Academic Lite
Simple software to create and manage chemistry databases and lab notebooks

ChemEng Economics Calculator 24)   ChemEng Economics Calculator 1.0
Easy to use software demonstrates the procedures to estimate the net present value of industrial process plants

Chemical Equation Expert 25)   Chemical Equation Expert 2.00
A tool to balance and calculate equations.

Chemical Formula Tutor 26)   Chemical Formula Tutor 1.3
Learn chemical formulas by drag-and-drop. Atom Counting, Learn and Test modes.

CHEMIX School 27)   CHEMIX School 3.00
CHEMIX School - Chemistry Software for Students and Chemists

Chemical Kinetics of Gas Phase Reactions

ChildsPlayManager 29)   ChildsPlayManager Build 199.88
Childcare Management Software designed for any size provider.

Chinese Calendrics 30)   Chinese Calendrics 6.77
Chinese Calendar converter and a tool for the study of the Chinese Calendar.

Coeli - Stella 2000 31)   Coeli - Stella 2000
Complete talking astronomy software suite with encyclopedic reference

CYTSoft Psychrometric Chart 32)   CYTSoft Psychrometric Chart 0.8
An interactive and intelligent psychrometric chart program for HVAC industry.

Data Master 2003 33)   Data Master 2003
Plot, edit and analyze numeric data, automate measurements and post-process

Doctor Aquarium 34)   Doctor Aquarium 1.0.1
Aquarium automation, data acquisition and control software

Dreamer's Dictionary 35)   Dreamer's Dictionary 1.5.1
Reveal hidden meanings in your dreams.

Dreamscape Analysis 36)   Dreamscape Analysis 2.2.0
Let Dreamscape Analysis help you understand yourself better and make wiser decisions

DSSF3 Basic 37)   DSSF3 Basic 5.0.6.x
signal generator, sound recorder and player and the peak level meter.

Earth Explorer DEM 38)   Earth Explorer DEM 3.01
High resolution 3D interactive shaded relief topographic world map.

Earthquake 3D 39)   Earthquake 3D 2.31
Zoom and spin your way around the globe while viewing earthquakes in 3D.

Easy Measure Converter 40)   Easy Measure Converter 1.0
Free Measure Converter: inch, feet, yard, rod, furlong, mile, league, chain

EasyNN-plus 41)   EasyNN-plus 7.0
Create, train, validate, query neural networks, import plain text or images.

Electrochemical Cells Pro 42)   Electrochemical Cells Pro 2.2
Design batteries by drag-and-drop. Customize cells and conditions.

Element Gorilla Plus 43)   Element Gorilla Plus 1.5
Learn all 118 Chemical Element Names and Symbols

ElementsToGo for Palm 44)   ElementsToGo for Palm 1.0 build 1002
Enjoy ElementsToGo for Palm for 10 days FREE!

EngCalc (Palm) - Engineering Calculator 45)   EngCalc (Palm) - Engineering Calculator 1.2
340+ formulae catering to Mechanical Eng

ESBUnitConv Pro 46)   ESBUnitConv Pro 5.2
User friendly Windows Util to easily convert between 560 units of measurement.

ESBUnitConv Pro - Unit Conversion 47)   ESBUnitConv Pro - Unit Conversion 5.3.1
User friendly Windows Util to easily convert between 610 units of measurement.

euphOrbit 48)   euphOrbit 1.0
Solar System/Planetary bodies simulator

Exploring matter with Neutrons 49)   Exploring matter with Neutrons 1
Neutron properties, experiments, latest applications and modern facilities.

Exploring matter with Synchrotron Light 50)   Exploring matter with Synchrotron Light 2
It explains how a synchrotron works and details the innumerable applications.


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