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Games / Simulations
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Kurt Koenig
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Virtual ImpactVirtual Impact (VI) is an innovative new 3D Windows-based PC game that is outside the box from other sims. One could call it a cross between a sports match and a space combat game. The player uses a ship, called an "impactor," to maneuver a cue ball through 3D space by firing small balls at it. The impactor must take control of the ball and knock it into various targets, which are guarded by drones. The drones protect these targets much like a goalie in a soccer match does. The object of the game is to complete campaign missions by destroying targets, without letting the drones take the cue ball.

Virtual Impact is an artificial reality whose physical laws are slightly different from those of your world. You access this reality from your terminal screen and cause chaos in this otherwise causal universe. Targets consist of multifarious arrays of elements that explode in an exhilarating burst of color and motion when the cue ball collides with them. The behavior of these elements is controlled by realistic physics modeling, and it is common for the screen to come to life with hundreds of kinetically charged objects in response to simple actions performed by the user.

During game play, drones will try to steal the cue ball. The impactor starts out with three cue balls, and the game ends when none are left. There is no way to shoot at the drones, just as in soccer, the players don't shoot the goalie, nor does the goalie fire back. The game is about controlling the ball.

The demo comes with a tutorial and two arcade-style games, along with the first campaign mission and one instant action world. Also included are previews of the remaining missions and instant action worlds. The paid version has five campaigns and three instant action worlds.

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